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What are the technical requirements for assembly of marine valves?

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What are the technical requirements for assembly of marine valves?

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Marine valves have become the most concerned hardware products in daily life. Before or during the process of assembling, they also have certain technical requirements. Marine valve manufacturers also have some performance requirements in this respect. So from the existing situation, the manufacturers of marine valves are in practice. In the process of production and treatment, what are the technical requirements for this series of valves? Marine Valve Manufacturer. jpg

I. Pretreatment requirements for valve assembly

In the actual production process of the marine valve manufacturer, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive processing according to the existing processing needs. Some parts need to be polished properly. The surface can not contain any processing burrs. All parts must be treated with relevant drawings before leaving the factory. After the completion of the drawings, pickling and passivation should be carried out, and the cleaning agent is not used. After pickling and passivation with any other trace elements, all of them are cleaned with pure water, and no other material residues can be found. The whole carbon steel part should be omitted all kinds of steps. The parts and components should be dried with non-woven cloth one by one. It is impossible to clean the surface of the parts and components where the existing lines are woolly. It should be cleaned with clean nitrogen gas. We all blow dry.

II. Technical Requirements for Valve Assembly

Ship valve manufacturers in the assembly process, the installation workshop must ensure that all are clean, in the construction of temporary clean areas, to use a new color strip cloth or plastic film to build, to prevent some other dust into the installation process, assembly workers must have clean cotton overalls.

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