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Which occasions are butterfly valves suitable for marine valves?

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Which occasions are butterfly valves suitable for marine valves?

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Marine valves themselves can be divided into many different types. Among all the methods produced by the manufacturers of marine valves, butterfly valves are also one of them. Their applications are relatively wide, and the pneumatic shut-off is fast. Among all butterfly valves, butterfly valves are considered as the most important safety matching device in gas engineering, and they have considerable advantages. Relying on the characteristics of the work, and the cutting time is relatively fast, the quality is very light, and the operation is particularly convenient, so what occasions is the pneumatic fast cutting butterfly valve suitable for?

[1] During the production of some existing pneumatic quick-cut butterfly valves, the manufacturer of marine valves will find that the safety control of the limit temperature equivalent to the thermal equipment will have a better connection. When the temperature and pressure of the detection point in the equipment exceeds a certain limit value, it can automatically and quickly close the original gas supply valve in a short time, and at the same time it can also close the original gas supply valve. Effective enough to stop fuel supply.

[2] When the manufacturer of marine valve is in actual production, it can effectively connect with the monitoring instrument of flammable gas leakage. When the flammable gas of the whole monitoring instrument leaks, it can automatically and quickly close the original pneumatic valve, cut off the supply of gas, and timely prevent some malignant events.

[3] If the fire alarm system of some high-rise buildings is interconnected, the gas supply in the building will be cut off automatically when the fire occurs, and even such a valve can effectively prevent the explosion.

The butterfly valve manufacturer of marine valves has a relatively wide range of applications.

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