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What should we pay attention to when installing marine valves?

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What should we pay attention to when installing marine valves?

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Marine valve manufacturers will have more technical requirements for the installation of marine valves.

Preparations before installation

Before the actual installation of marine valve manufacturer, we must do the relevant preparatory work, pay attention to the preparation of the front and back pipelines, the same before and after the pipelines must be guaranteed to be all on the same bearing, the flange sealing surface on both sides should be in a balanced state, the pipelines before and after the valve should be cleaned up, the oil pollution in the pipeline or other one. Some impurities, marine valve manufacturers to install these valves in practice, but also to check whether the valve is intact and intact, disassembled to both sides of the ball valve, to check the flange above the protective parts, according to the actual situation to check the pollutants in the valve hole.

Two, installation

When a marine valve manufacturer installs a valve, it is necessary to install the valve reasonably. Any end of the pipeline valve can be loaded and unloaded at the upstream end. All of them can be installed at any position of the valve by means of a handle drive. However, ball valves with gearboxes or pneumatic actuators should be installed upright. The flanges and pipes of the valve should be installed upright. Flanges should be installed with sealing gaskets in accordance with the relevant pipeline design. All bolts should be symmetrical or tightened evenly during installation.

3. Inspection after installation

After installation, the manufacturer of marine valves must do a good job of relevant inspection, more reasonable operation driver, and check the number of all valves, to ensure that the soul is not stagnant, but also to ensure its normal working state, according to the final requirements of the pipeline and flange sealing inspection and installation.

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