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What are the requirements of fire ball valve technology?

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What are the requirements of fire ball valve technology?

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Marine valve manufacturers in the production of marine fire-fighting ball valves, there are higher technical requirements, after all, such parts and components used in the ship as a whole have higher accuracy and quality requirements, then what technical requirements do marine valve manufacturers have for them when they export marine fire-fighting valves? This is what many people want to know.

[1] Surface quality

In the actual production process of marine valve manufacturer, the surface must have the relevant anti-corrosion coating, or other anti-corrosion treatment coating, must ensure that all are smooth, and the color should be very uniform, without any peeling, or even any scratches or other defects.

[2] Operational performance

Marine valve manufacturers in the production of marine fire ball valves, generally speaking, there are handwheels or handles on the top, the whole must ensure that light and flexible, and in the import and export pressure difference place to have a nominal pressure value, the strength of opening and closing fire ball valves can not be greater than 356. When the marine firefighting ball valve closes, it is necessary to ensure that the first wheel or handle rotates in the direction of clockwise. In the case of unidirectional seal, the hand wheel should have a position indicating the direction of the switch, and in the case of unidirectional seal, there must be more signs of medium flow direction on it. When the handwheel or handle is installed, it must be firmly installed. It is convenient to disassemble or remove it where it is needed. Replacement.

[3] Materials

Marine valve manufacturer's material itself also chooses some other material to make, must conform to the relevant technical standards, and to meet other production standards.

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