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How to carry out the experiment of marine fire ball valve?

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How to carry out the experiment of marine fire ball valve?

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From the point of view of the manufacturer of marine fire-fighting ball valve, it is a very good kind of valve. This kind of valve has a wide range of applications. What kind of experiments should be done in the actual use of marine fire-fighting ball valve?

I. Opening and Closing Force Test

In the process of opening and closing force test for marine fire ball valves, the manufacturer of marine valves requires that their pneumatic force must conform to the third-class standard design specifications, and some devices of the same grade must meet the standard when they are tested. They can rotate tangentially according to the direction of the first wheel or the handle, and the force measuring points of the handwheel and the handle should be placed appropriately. Standard, with a ball handle strategy, allows all marine fire ball valves to be fully opened and closed 10 times before the central test in prison. During the test process, the pressure fork of the whole equipment after operation should be ensured within a reasonable range. 

II. Voltage withstanding test

From the point of view of the manufacturer of marine valve, there will be more requirements when doing pressure test, and water itself will be used as medium. Temperature is basically between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. The whole valve of fire ball should not be affected by other external forces in the process of experiment. The pressure value of the whole test should be gradually raised through relevant experiments. During the period of experiment, the pressure of the whole test should be increased gradually. Inside the room, the pressure is guaranteed to remain unchanged, and their pressure dynamics should be checked reasonably according to the actual situation. Sealing experiments should be carried out under the whole pressure. In the process of sealing experiments, all seals should be cleaned to prevent some scratches on the surface.

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